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Meet Our Pack

Spira, Social Correspondent

SpiraSpira desires contact and affection, making her the perfect choice for our Social Correspondent. Living in a densely populated area with many pet-friendly buildings, Spira meets new friends daily, and she is keen to report back on her discoveries.

Spira loves anything that moves and delights in chasing things. If it flies, so much the better. She is determined to catch neighbourhood crows, pigeons, butterflies, and soap bubbles. “They must have stories to share,” she says. “Or maybe I can eat them!”

Yes, Stick and Squirrel readers will be eager to know Spira’s opinion of the many tastes in our urban environment. As a puppy, Spira is game to put anything in her mouth.  She will likely offer news of her regular meals, too, since she consumes them with gusto.

That’s what life is all about with little Spira — social connections and food. We welcome this dynamo to Stick and Squirrel.

Glacier, Esoteric Consultant

GlacierGlacier is delighted to be our senior writer for Stick And Squirrel and to hold the title of Esoteric Consultant. Over the years her writing has grown from haphazard scribbles to articulate expressions of the canine experience.

She has trained with the best. In fact, her half-sister Academy was revered for her own blog, academythebordercollie, back in the day when titles had no spaces, hyphens, or dots.

Glacier’s playful spirit shines on the surface, yet her depth of feeling resonates on many levels. She is usually kind and accepting of others and their differences.

Glacier’s journey into the intuitive realm began with her practice of paw reading. Adept in the usual interpretation of pad-wear and fur-gathering between toes, Glacier’s unique approach includes scent-detection on specific areas of the paw. Read about her findings in her national-bestselling book, What did you step in? 

Today, Glacier finds wisdom from sources such as tarot and astrology. In fact, she is eager to share with you her own unique system of Dog Star Astrology. In spite of her busy touring schedule, Glacier has agreed to share her intuition, thoughts, and guidance with our readers in her regular column. She invites your questions.

Academy, posthumously

Academy in thoughtAcademy was well-loved and is dearly missed by the blogging community. Stick and Squirrel is honoured to have obtained the sole rights to reproduce her work. As well, in addition to pieces that were previously published in Academy’s own blog,  we are thrilled to announce that our sources have uncovered some material from Academy that had never been printed before. We will share these pieces with our respectful discretion.