Dining Alfresco

It’s been a glorious summer so far. Spira and I have enjoyed a splendorous assortment of long morning walks with Daddy which have taken us to some incredible new places: Lost Lagoon, Beaver Lake, the Stanley Park Rose Garden. One day we even did a huge trek to the Lions Gate Bridge and passed by Siwash Rock. We were all rather exhausted from that adventure. Daddy calls these walks “hunting”. Who is he kidding? We end up eating the same thing for breakfast when we get back home. And it’s not squirrel.

These wonderful summer evenings have also delighted us with the opportunity to eat outside. Dining alfresco. Love it. The barbecue has been going nearly every night this month, tempting us with some dizzying aromas. We particularly like the nights when beef or pork is sizzling over the flames. Spira and I have mastered the look that gets us bones in return:  the stare, the drool, the slow blink of the eyes. You must work on it. Perhaps we’ll offer some online tutorials. Interested?



Glacier was inspired to embrace the craft of writing by her older sister, Academy. She is now the senior writer for Stick And Squirrel, the online magazine for dogs. Glacier is particularly gifted in the esoteric arts. Should you wish to submit a question, she will happily explore her various tools for answers.

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