Whispers of the Tree

Last week’s wind storm stirred things greatly here on Harwood Street. Many things seem to have been tossed about in the night. Most noticeably, a huge limb of my favourite squirrel-saving chestnut tree came crashing down, leaving behind a terrible scar in the tree’s remains. Today’s scents suggests many creatures have been stopping here, leaving behind their questions — some for the tree, some for themselves. The wise tree provides us stories, guidance, and indeed answers, and I will do my best to capture them for you.

Gazing upon the patterns in the wound, my imagination finds various stories contained within. Although I can see so many things needing to be communicated,  I regret to say I am not able to identify the intended recipient of each message. For that reason, I can only address each interpretation to an anonymous Querent. Perhaps the tree is reaching out to a number of beings at the same time, each sharing a similar challenge or circumstance. Malcolm in Toronto, do you have a question for the tree? Lola Dufour (with the pretty nails), is there some longing inside you that need clarity? And dear Jasper, what was it you were trying to understand? The answers may be here. I will clear my mind and allow the whispers of the tree to settle upon us.

Querent A

A human male of considerable social stature is being confronted by an outspoken human female. The female has come on the scene quickly, making assumptions about her ability to dominate the situation. Behind and rising above the male is a wild and formidable animal.

The humans in your world may be too engaged in their own affairs at this time that they do not recognize your basic needs. Wait for the right moment and then voice your concerns with a dramatic flair. Stick near the male since he is more likely to keep a balanced temperament and give you what you want.

Querent B

From behind a wall of safety, a little creature is emerging from the shadows. It is unknown whether the animal is alone or if it is the first of many hidden within.

It appears that you want to come forward with a matter, but there is a message here that it is good to check the surroundings before doing so. If you need to tell someone something, is that person in a state to listen well? If you are wanting or needing to act in some regard, is the environment set for your best success? What would happen if you wait another hour, another day? The results you obtain may far outweigh the delay.

Ot could also be that someone, or maybe more than one, is trying to approach you — perhaps only for a sniff. Is there a reason you feel the need to put up a wall? You may be missing out on the opportunity to make some new friends.

Querent C

An eagle, a turtle, and a wolf gather to check that their shared treasure is intact.

Something within you, part of your character, is valuable on many levels and it is wise to appreciate it as such. It needs to be nurtured and protected. In doing so, you will see that this facet of yourself will provide you personal power and self-control (wolf), endurance (turtle), and courage to look ahead (eagle). Do not doubt yourself at this time.

Alternately, this could be saying that you need to get out more and to make friends with birds and reptiles.

Querent D
A slender human female with great poise serenely assesses her surroundings.  It appears she listens more than sees, feels more than thinks.

It is advisable to release your expectations and take note of how you feel about things on an intuitive level. There is a great sense of calm that awaits once you quiet your mind. Being vulnerable puts you in a space where you can absorb more of what it is you really need to know.

Or, if there is a human female in your life, it could be that she is needing some time alone in her head. Give her some space. She’ll still feed you.

Querent E

The profile of a young human male show that many strands of his creativity are indeed thriving, yet some have been pruned away too soon. One area of his life is making a resurgence.

Although you are active and successful in many areas, do return to those things that you may have disregarded years ago and think about reviving some of them. Is there an old toy you can bring out? What about anything you may have buried? Was there a favourite pee spot you might like to revisit? It seems you have the time and space in your life at the moment to revisit the past and to nurture things previously forgotten.

Did you read something that resonated with you? I am curious if you are a Harwood Street resident or someone from afar. Do let me know.

If your question has been answered, please send the tree your gratitude. Let us all offer her our best wishes for the healing of her wound.


One comment

  1. You may have a better chance of catching those squirrels soon, as that is a pretty big wound on your tree friend.
    Is her middle rotted out? I can’t tell from the photo. Be sure to watch her as she may split again. 😔


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