A Vision, Interpreted

I was not asleep, Spira. I was meditating upon a vision I encountered yesterday. It probably didn’t even register on your puppy-sized brain, but the sight spoke to me on many levels. I shall do my best to recall the sight for our dear readers in the event that my interpretation can provide guidance to a soul in need.

Although I knew the sky was above us, the canopy of branches somehow masked that. There was neither a sense of being trapped nor a feeling of having shelter. The branches themselves had a busyness to them, burdening the subject with tangled thoughts. The way ahead, then, is not through the mind.

Somewhere in the centre of the frame is a burst of colour. Tempting colour. That, too, is yet a distraction. Most of us would be pulled toward the vibrancy of the flowers, perhaps in anticipation of scent. Should a weary wanderer be pulled in their direction, he would only discover that there is no path beyond them. The traveller would be obliged to return from whence he had come. I would interpret here that one’s usual goals — those having promise of fulfilment — must be put aside as well.

The answer in this vision comes from somewhere else. The large tree in the foreground blocks our view. But it is there, on the left, behind the tree, where there is great abundance of light and freedom. It is in those areas of life that we cannot see, that we can only trust are there, where we are apt to find our fulfilment.

Gentle reader, the vision seems to say that you must not get trapped in your mind, nor should you be tempted by what appears to be a “sure thing”. You must trust your intuition. Trust your faith. The answers you need will indeed come forward when you need them.

If this resonates with you, I am deeply grateful to have been in your service.

And Spira, enjoy getting your nails done.

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