Spa Day

Welcome to the spa. I think it’s a spa, anyhow. Here we get gentle rubs, fancy rain-flavoured water, and little morsels to eat, so it must be a spa. Today it is even more relaxing since Glacier has chilled out a bit. Sometimes she can be downright mean to me, but today, well, she’s in a land of her own.

Daddy says I need my nails done. Not sure what that means. He says all the girls in the neighbourhood are having theirs done, so I wouldn’t want to miss out. Is that a spa thing?

Do come and visit us. Maybe later, after your neck and ear rub, Glacier will offer you one of her insight sessions. She’ll help you meditate and the answers will come. Just look at her. I think she’s already half in the zone. Or half asleep.

Nice to have the warm sunshine back, isn’t it? Please do join us for a visit. I’ll fill you in on the latest news. For starters, I know where there are some wicked scents which are begging for your own addition. Of course, Glacier will want the last word, if you know what I mean.

Please leave a comment if you know anything about getting nails done.


  1. Yes I know all about getting our nails done. My Mom insists on doing this regularly and normally I can get around her about things, but not getting my nails done. It is apparently necessary, I simply don’t like it, but there is usually a cookie at the end of a session and we are all buddy, buddy again….until the next session. It is just about the only thing I don’t like. Love Lola Dufour

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