Readers will soon appreciate that I, Glacier, am indeed a food critic. My palate has certainly come into focus over the years. It is hard to imagine that in my younger days, I would devour anything put in front of me. Things are different now. Now when a dish is offered to me, I contemplate the presentation, the aroma, the array of textures, and frankly, whether or not the food was served with an appropriate demeanor.  It makes such a difference.

Birthday PupcakesAwhile back, while browsing through some popular food websites, I came across a recipe for these delicious treats called Harry’s Party Pupcakes. My dear sister, Academy, used to enjoy these as well — we celebrated many a birthday with them — and in her memory, I would like to share the recipe with you. Click here to see the recipe from the folks at Two Dog Press. Let me know what you think!


Glacier was inspired to embrace the craft of writing by her older sister, Academy. She is now the senior writer for Stick And Squirrel, the online magazine for dogs. Glacier is particularly gifted in the esoteric arts. Should you wish to submit a question, she will happily explore her various tools for answers.

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