My dearest readers,

Thank you for being my friends, my supporters, my advocates as I shared with you in this forum my deepest thoughts, my secret hopes, and my varied experiences. This blog has provided me an outlet for my creativity in many forms, and I appreciate that you have been with me along the way. Frankly, it has also given me something to do inside on rainy days.

I have felt your joy on many occasions, and felt the loving comfort of your kind words when things have been challenging, especially as of late. I will carry those sentiments with me always.

Gentle readers, it is now time for me to say goodbye.

I have asked Daddy if he could so graciously continue my legacy by sharing with you more of my stories, dreams, and opinions. Indeed there are many, and I have recited my favourites to him several times. I think he will do an admirable job in passing them along to you. I did consider asking Glacier, but her writing style lacks maturity and finesse. I suppose she may develop skill with the pen in due course. Perhaps Daddy might invite her to submit an article as a guest sometime. I will be transferring the administration rights of this website to Daddy shortly, so you will no longer hear from me directly. (For those who contact me via email, that account, too, will be closed.)

The time has come. I will be with you in spirit, and will linger close to your heart. Do enjoy life, play with a sense of abandon, ask questions, help others, and listen with a kind outlook.

With much love, fondness, and appreciation,


Academy began the writing trend in her family with her touching blog, "Academy The Border Collie: Wisdom from a faithful dog". After her passing in 2015, many of her favourite posts provided the content for Stick And Squirrel, the online magazine for dogs. Some previously unpublished works from this dear girl are yet to be shared.

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