14 Today

My Dear Readers,

Today is the day I turn 14. Can you imagine that? Me, 14? Many people say I look so many years younger. Inside, I blush. You know something, the best part about being older is that I have even more stories to share. Stories are great, don’t you think? Stories give life meaning.


I have attached for your enjoyment a photo of me on this, my birthday. In addition, I have included a photo of my mother, Penny, when she was 14. That was in 2007. I believe there is a math question in there somewhere, but I’ll let you figure that out. Today is simply my day to appreciate life and all the loved ones who share it with me.

As I now head towards 15 — you know me, so future-oriented — I wish to remind us all that life does move so very quickly. That’s why I take my time these days when we go for a walk.  We need to stop and appreciate every scent. Sound and sight are becoming less important, it seems, so my focus is more on scent. Scent tempts us with new experiences and adventures. Yet better still, scent reveals when the journey is about coming home.

Enjoy your journey, dear readers.



Academy began the writing trend in her family with her touching blog, "Academy The Border Collie: Wisdom from a faithful dog". After her passing in 2015, many of her favourite posts provided the content for Stick And Squirrel, the online magazine for dogs. Some previously unpublished works from this dear girl are yet to be shared.


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