Our Morning At Epona Rise Retreat Centre

Yesterday, Daddy and Daddy took us to a fun place where Glacier and I got to play. We visited Epona Rise Retreat Centre, a charming spot in Ladner with lots of good smells. We met Luca there. I liked playing with him, but then he had to go away for a while to do some work.

Daddy spent time with Hillary and the horses. Daddy seemed different when he came back to us — like he was lighter somehow. In the meantime, other Daddy stayed with Glacier and me inside a big play-space. I could tell that Luca played here sometimes, but also so did the big horses. And guess what? I found the best stick for Daddy to throw to me. Watch my video and see!

img_1230When we had to go, Glacier got all muddy from drinking out of a puddle. She’s kind of silly that way. I tried to tell her she was looking a little untidy, but she just kept drinking. I sipped my drink carefully. I think Luca saw us, and I didn’t want him to think that I would be as sloppy as my sister. Luca didn’t ask me how old I was — which was nice — and I bet he’d be surprised if he really knew. It was kind of a rainy day, and to tell you the truth, Luca was a bit muddy himself! I didn’t say anything. We were guests at his place, so I knew better.

Daddy and HillaryHere’s a picture of Daddy with Hillary. Luca was busy checking things when this picture was taken. I hope we get to visit again sometime. Maybe I will be able to work with Luca and the horses next time. I imagine I could contribute my wisdom to the sessions.  I think Luca likes me. Am I blushing?


Academy began the writing trend in her family with her touching blog, "Academy The Border Collie: Wisdom from a faithful dog". After her passing in 2015, many of her favourite posts provided the content for Stick And Squirrel, the online magazine for dogs. Some previously unpublished works from this dear girl are yet to be shared.

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