2013 – The Year I’m 13

Academy's thoughtHello again, Dear Readers.

It’s been much too long since my last installment of poetry, innovative thoughts, and ideas to make your day better. I hope that life has been treating you well nonetheless. I’m not sure why today was the day for me to wake up inspired to blog, but something in the air has caused a shift. I know you, dear friends, understand how one can be so sensitive to such undertones.

I am told that 2013 is the year I turn 13. It’s funny, because in 2012 I turned 12. I think there is a pattern there. I know you don’t think I’ll be 13 soon, but it’s true. I enjoy being 12, I suppose, yet I understand that 13 will bring new responsibilities and duties as my life unfolds. I don’t mind being thought of as the wiser one, even if that means that I am older.

So how old will you be in 2013?  Do you remember turning 13? What was your favourite age? I think I liked being 10. I had all my teeth then. Plus, I could run home from the park just as fast as I ran there. Now, rather than running, I like to savour all the smells I discover in the grass along the way home — wondering who visited recently. Do you have all your teeth?


  1. Dear Academy, so nice to see you again. It has been very cold in K.C. the last couple of weeks so my human and I have not been taking many walks, which is okay because the leg where I had the ACL repair is kinda painful in the cold. I’m going to be 13 this year also. March 1st is my birthday and I was born in the Interior in 2000. I could sleep in my human’s slipper when she brought me home, now there are many days I can’t even jump up on her bed for a nap. I personally think it’s because she put one of those 2″ memory foam things on the bed! Anyway, I am pleased to hear you are well and enjoying life with your Dads (and that other dog they brought home without asking you).

    Love, Lily (go Baltimore)


    • Hello Dear Lily!
      Thanks for your message. Well, it seems you’ll be turning 13 before I do. My birthday is May 16. I know what you mean — I used to be able to jump up on the bed, but these days I need a little boost. Why do beds seem to get higher and higher off the ground?
      Where is Baltimore going?


  2. Hello Academy. My human mum just read your blog to me. You’ve never met me but mum told me you are a lovely dog and you have a little sister. She also told me I could learn a lot from you, like: paying attention to her when we’re out walking; not pulling on the leash; not thinking that everyone we see on our walk is there to visit with me; how to lie around the house and “be a dog” (those would be my human dad’s words). Maybe some day we could go to the park together! By the way, I’m really good at stopping to smell everything on the way home too! Love, Wispy L’il Willow 🙂 PS I’ll be three in 2013.


    • Hello, Willow!
      Yes, I’ve heard about you! Thanks so much for writing! I think it would be fun to go to the park together. Maybe you could run and catch my frisbee sometimes so I can have a bit longer break. Do you have any favourite games you like to play? Maybe you could teach me some. Wow, you’re only three this year?! I think I was three once — can’t quite remember.


      • Thanks for answering so quickly Academy! My favourite game is running along with dogs when their owners throw a ball for them. Sometimes I get there first and steal it. It’s so much fun! And I don’t care when other dogs don’t like it!! Ha! Ha! You snooze…you lose! I just love to play with other dogs and I’m not afraid of even the biggest, toughest looking ones either. Dad says it’s because I’m stupid, mum says it’s because I’m sweet, and my human sister Hilary says it’s because I’m a true dog-whisperer. Mum says “Hi” to your Dads!


  3. Hello Academy,
    I’m two and half and very little being half Chihuahua and half Rat Terrier, but I know what you mean about enjoying all those smells…Every day there is so much mail to read.
    Happy Birthday. I hope you get something special to eat (cheese, chicken, carrots…anything that starts with “c” is usually great.)


    • Hello Jasper! It’s wonderful to hear from you! I’ve heard your name before, and I am so happy that you found me and my blog. I hope you like my writing. Is it inspiring? Does it make you stop and wonder about the world? Thanks for the tip on the “c” foods. I think you are really on to something there! I shall have to share it with my readers. Lots of love to you.


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