Frosty Beach

This morning we got to go for an extra long walk. I knew that Daddy was thinking of something when I turned and looked up at him. He was thinking of taking us someplace fun — not just doing our usual walk around the neighbourhood. I could tell. I look at him and I know.

Well, it was such a nice morning — cold, but nice and sunny — that Daddy took us across the busy road to go to the beach. We love the beach! It smells amazing. And today, the sand was frosty under our paws. It was fun to run in it. It was a little bit crispy. But then… I found this stick! It was too good to be true. I made sure Daddy saw me looking at it so he would let me pick it up.


Academy began the writing trend in her family with her touching blog, "Academy The Border Collie: Wisdom from a faithful dog". After her passing in 2015, many of her favourite posts provided the content for Stick And Squirrel, the online magazine for dogs. Some previously unpublished works from this dear girl are yet to be shared.

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