Jingle and Liver

Why is it that around this time of year we wear these collars that make all this noise? It’s kind of fun, and I think Daddy likes it. I must say, I do think Glacier looks a little silly in hers. Mine seems more sophisticated. Hers just seem silly. What do you think?

Also, at this time of year there always seems to be some good things cooking inside. I get really hungry. Sometimes we get some extra special treats, too. Today there were some near that tree in our house. We had to rip open some paper to get at them, though. And they were Liver! Oooo, my favourite. I think I could eat them as fast as Glacier could. Really, she doesn’t even taste them. I think she just swallows them whole. I like to taste mine a little bit first. Okay, maybe not. They are just too good that I have to swallow them fast, too. I don’t mind wearing this collar if I get Liver treats.




Academy began the writing trend in her family with her touching blog, "Academy The Border Collie: Wisdom from a faithful dog". After her passing in 2015, many of her favourite posts provided the content for Stick And Squirrel, the online magazine for dogs. Some previously unpublished works from this dear girl are yet to be shared.

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