Dreaming of snow

Snow until January 4th. That’s what they say. Not where we live, Silly… on my blog. I clicked a button that will make it snow here all the time until January 4th. Did it work? Is it snowing on your screen? I’ll give it a try for a while, but I hope my blog entries don’t get all wet. Don’t worry. I can lick the screen for you if you need me to.

So how do you like the snow? I think this blog-snow is most appropriate for Vancouver — even though it may keep coming down from the sky, nothing is sticking in the picture. I did, mind you, include a picture from last winter of our park in the snow. That was fun when we got to play frisbee in the snow. The snow lasted for two or three days. That was our winter. (Are you reading this Lilly? Do you get winter where you are?)

I do like to play in the snow. I like how cold it is on my face when I dive into it to fill up my mouth. There are secret scents hidden under the snow. It’s exciting to find them. Glacier has fun in the snow, too. I think I find more secret scents than she does. She’s too busy running and jumping. When she’s older, maybe she’ll learn to appreciate the memories that the scents bring back.

I hope it does snow tonight.

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