City girl gets her exercise

Yes, I know, dear readers, that you think I am quite the city girl, but I did want to share with you this picture of one of my more athletic moments in the country. We had a lovely excursion to Galiano Island a few years back. Someone came up with the brilliant idea that we all go kayaking. Well, with two daddies seated inside the kayak, there wasn’t any room for me. So to be a sport, I swam along beside them. Whoever thought that kayaking was a recreational pastime should give their head a shake. It’s exhausting. Not to worry, though. After a warm bath, I’m sure I looked as radiant as ever.


  1. OMG, you look so mad. I would be too. One of the daddies should have let you sit in there. I’m sure your dog paddle would have worked fine


    • My dog paddle is rather good, if I do say so myself. But it’s kind of a different story when you’re doing it for fun in a lake rather than in the ocean! I hope I don’t look angry in that photo. Exhausted, yes. Cold, maybe. It was actually kind of fun. I just wonder if I could pull off that stunt again these days.


  2. I’m with Bob, You look quite po’d by the fact they did not provide a seat for you. AND, I don’t blame you a bit. Not nearly as much fun to be in the ocean. I used to get so full of sand in Point Roberts and my Mom said I smelled like dead fish – which I quite like btw – and when we got back to Ladner she’d make me stand outside and get hosed down before I was allowed in the shower. Always had a nice long nap after the shower. It is really hard work. Hope you and Glacier and your daddies are well. Hugs and kisses, Lily Dog.

    Oh, and another thing, the weather here was very hot this summer and I don’t like hot. Several days we could not even take our walk because it was almost 40 C. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this heat. I’m a B.C. girl!!


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