Spam? Bring it on.

Dear Readers,
I have been getting some advice about how to avoid spam in my new blog. Really? Isn’t spam kind of like Alpo? Yes, of course I prefer a… shall we say… expensive diet, but a little spam every now and then ain’t gonna hurt a pretty girl like me, is it? Mind you, I know some girls who probably keep a supply of spam hidden in those places daddies never seem to look. And you thought I was going to tell you where those places are?! Huh. I’m not falling for that.

So, my dears, who out there has some questions for moi? I love helping my readers with any kind of situation. Now don’t be shy! You can ask me anything! I’m very good at being a patient listener. Not like Glacier. She wants to play all the time. She’s not mature like I am. Like I. That sounds good… like I. I tilt my head when I say that. Like I.

I’m getting a drink. Daddy just got me a new water bowl. It’s rather shiny, but it’s a good size. How do you like your water? In a bowl? Beside your food dish or away from it? Or are you a secret toilet drinker? I know the type. The toilet does have a good supply of really cold water, so I can be partial to it myself. But there’s something about lapping some nice water out of a bowl in the middle of the night… when it’s kind of loud.

So where was I? Yes, the spam thing. I don’t think I’d mind a little spam. Really, I could eat just about anything right now. It’s a long time until breakfast.

Maybe I’ll nap.

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