Back home from the park

Well, dear readers, I, as you say, am wasted. Two trips to the park today! Had so much work to do… running, catching the frisbee, bringing it back. Thank goodness I am in such great shape. At least I look that way while I’m working. Just between you and me, I think it’s a different story on the trip back home. I get absolutely delirious. I’m glad Daddy is patient while I roll in my favourite places in the grass.

So what exactly does a grass roll do? I can’t seem to describe it, but I just get so involved in every part of it: the little initial scratches I do to release the fragrance from the prime spot, the feeling of the wet grass on my back, the little bumps in the ground that give me the greatest pleasure when they rub those itchy parts on my back that I just can’t reach….

Oh. I guess I must have fallen asleep.

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